We offer a wide range of services in developing and implementing a consensus building approach. We tailor our services to your specific requirements. We will negotiate a time for delivery of our services that best meets your needs.

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Seminars and Workshops

Half Day Workshop

An overview of the principles and practices of group discernment. You will be able to critically reflect on your practice of church governance.

Our half day workshop is an excellent professional development opportunity for local pastors and Church Board members.

Full Day Workshop

You will gain a deeper understanding of the essentials of consensus building discernment. You will:

    • know and articulate the reasons why a new approach is needed
    • understand the six supports for a healthy organization
    • have a working knowledge of consensus building
    • know and apply the principles and practices of a consensus building approach

This invaluable resource gives you the ideas and practical tools to immediately implement consensus building in your context. This invaluable resource will improve community life and help make good decisions.

Two Day Seminar

A comprehensive training experience that provides practical tips and techniques for making meetings effective and efficient. You will learn how to deal well with conflict, support health in your organization, and make with transformative change.

You will leave with a toolkit of resources that will deliver quality outcomes. This seminar is for leaders who want the practical skills to implement a consensus building approach in their organization.

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Facilitating Meetings

Using consensus building processes is greatly assisted through the support of an experienced facilitator.

This service can be delivered in a mixed mode which includesThis service can be delivered in a mixed mode which includes:

    • in person visits
    • internet based conferencing technology; and
    • written material.


  • Facilitators can:
    • Design the process – work with the group preparing the meeting to plan the flow of the process.
    • Mentor and Guide – help leaders and groups to navigate the process.
    • Produce the necessary documents – eg training materials, small-group process sheets, and reporting sheets from a small group process (if it is used), and the process plan for the meeting which clearly lays out the tasks, timelines, and responsible persons for the key elements of the process.
    • Train and support the persons leading the process – before the meeting, and on site.
    • Provide a report – an assessment of the strengths and potential to improve  the process.

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Coaching is tailored to your specific needs as a leader. It provides one on one support at any stage of your journey with a consensus based approach to discernment. The goal of coaching is to support you in moving your organization to being a faithful community of Christ’s disciples working together to discern Christ’s will for his church.


Support in analysing your current situation and developing strategies for bringing about organizational transformation.

Lectures, Key Note Speaking and Preaching

Julia and Terence are experienced and well regarded public speakers. Through key note addresses, teaching and preaching they can:

    • stimulate
    • challenge
    • encourage and
    • inspire your community


  • towards being a transformed community that is engaged in faithful discernment of Christ’s will.
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